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Mercant - Pareis

0.70cl / Vol. 42%

A spicy gin with a touch of cinnamon and oranges from Mallorca.

Mercant gin was the first product we commercialized. We were simply looking for something different and tasty that would allow us to stick our heads a little between so many variety of gins. We spent a long time looking for our recipe and it was after 9 months when we found the first version of Mercant, it was like a delivery.

The result is a gin of 42% vol. very aromatic with very prominent spicy touches. People begin to know it in Mallorca as "the cinnamon and orange gin". But it really has more things, juniper of course, it is the main ingredient although in aroma it remains in the background. We also use coriander beans, licorice, island oranges, nutmeg and the occasional spice that we will keep anonymous.

Mixed with tonic, an intoxicating gin and tonic is obtained, with its undeniable presence of spices and a final bitter touch from the green orange peel. Our recommendation to make a good gin and tonic with Mercant is the following: 5 cl of gin with 20 cl of a normal neutral tonic, no more than three ice cubes and complement if desired with orange peel.

We make this gin according to the London method, which consists of a single distillate 

with only natural ingredients. No flavoring component is added to the final result.

Mascori - Pareis

0.70cl / Vol. 42%

Mascori is a super fresh and aromatic gin that is made with lemons from Mallorca, juniper and citrus spices. It is characterized by its delicate fruity aroma with floral notes. We make it London style, all the ingredients are natural and are distilled in one go. No other essences are added to the result.

For those who appreciate natural ingredients, in the aroma of our gin they will notice an unmistakable presence of authentic lemon but also other notes of fruit and spice that enhance their personality and that are difficult to identify, since among the ingredients of Mascori there is a secret part.

The gin and tonic with Mascori is markedly 

refreshing and despite being a 42% vol gin it is very smooth thanks to its low pressure distillation, which enhances the aromas and softens the taste of the alcohol.

For the preparation of gin and tonic we recommend the minimum so as not to interfere with the delicate flavor of our gin: only 3 ice cubes in a balloon glass, 5 cl of gin and 20 cl of a good cold neutral tonic, nothing more.

For the most purists, Mascori is a gin that, due to its fine flavor, will value taking it alone.

Cabraboc - 

70cl Vol. 40%

A Majorcan Gin with herbal extracts of the Tramuntana. It´s an exquisite gin and it´s perfect for the preparation of   the gin tonic.

Premium pink - Dos Perellons

70 CL / Vol. 40%

The Gin gets its pink colour from the fruity, flowery strawberry-aroma and has a soft orange nuance


Antonio Nadal

70CL Vol. 40%

Gin KM1, made with juniper that has been harvested in the Pyrenees, the best selection of Ariany lemons and Sóller oranges. The star ingredient that gives it the touch of originality is the "Tàpera" caper from Campos. 4 botanists in perfect balance , nothing more is needed


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