Gin Xoriguer 70 cl / 38.00%


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Xoriguer gin, a drink of Nordic origin, began to be produced in Menorca (Balearic Islands) around the 18th century, when the taverns were full of English sailors and soldiers who demanded the drink then fashionable in their homeland: Gin. Some artisans went to work importing juniper berries to satisfy eager customers. From there, gin was successfully integrated into Menorca, consolidating itself as a popular drink. Since 1784, the Pons family has been responsible for Gin Xoriguer, with a strong artisan tradition. The name of the gin was chosen in honour of an old windmill used by successive generations of the Pons family, which now appears on their bottle labels.
This gin is obtained from the distillation of high quality alcohol with juniper berries in copper stills burned with firewood. The aromatic herbs that give it this personal and unique touch are a secret that the Pons family keeps as a true treasure.


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